Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 11


I am pretty sure that, besides some obscure tribes in the Amazon, there is not a person on this planet who doesn’t know Leonardo DiCaprio. And for good reason! He has done some truly great movies, and he is only getting better with age. He has worked with the biggest directors in Hollywood, the biggest stars in the world, and is one of the highest paid actors ever. Whether you love his older stuff, like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (like me), his huge blockbusters, like Titanic and Inception (like me), or his four amazing colaborations with Martin Scorsese (like me), he has definitely done something to please everyone. And with his upcoming role as J. Edgar Hoover (and first colaboration with Clint Eastwood as director), something tells me he still has a lot of burgers to throw on the barbeque!

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