April Fools Day 2011 Pranks From Around The Internet

April Fools Day 2011 is drawing to a close, and I thought it might be fun to look back on some of the best internet-based pranks that appeared online today. ThinkGeek.com went all-out, creating several new fake products including the Star Wars lightsaber popsicles seen in the video above, as well as arsenic-based sea monkeys, the Playmobil Apple Store and the Shirt Plate. All of them totally brilliant. I don’t know about you, but I would love some lightsabre popsicle holders. Thankfully, ThinkGeek had the foresight to allow you to vote on whether or no the product should be real!

But that’s not all that went down today! Look under the cut for some more choice pranks from April Fools Day 2011!

Google announced today that they were going to be introducing Gmail Motion, wherein e-mails could be composed using a series of ridiculous gestures. The front page for it looks really professional, but I’m disappointed that the “Try Gmail Motion” button doesn’t lead anywhere. They totally could have gotten people to make a bunch of stupid gestures if they had linked to a tutorial video!

Guild Wars 2 created a very convincing page introducing the new Commando class, which, if real, would completely destroy just about every other class. They did such a good job with this one, even including a gameplay video, that it took me a little while to realize they weren’t serious. Good job, guys!


Blizzard entertainment announced today that they would be introducing Crabby the Dungeon Helper to World of Warcraft in a bid to help out confused players. Crabby is essentially the Microsoft Office paperclip, popping up to suggest courses of action when you enter a dungeon and other annoying interjections. While pretty damn funny, I’d say this joke was the most transparent that I came across today.

There were loads more great pranks online today, but these ones were definitely my favourites. Hope your April Fools Day was a great one!

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