Before They Were Stars: Vanna White as a Contestant on “The Price is Right”

Yesterday, Gill did his Celebrity Birthday of the Day on Vanna White, and I honestly can’t think of another celebrity who’s remained so famous for so long for doing so little. Believe it or not, there was a point when Vanna aspired to do more than turn letters for the rest of her life, as she started out her career as an actress and appeared in a couple of films, including the 1981 slasher flick, Graduation Day. However, her first appearance in front of a camera was actually on a rival game show as she once appeared as a contestant on a 1980 episode of The Price of Right! Vanna was amongst the first four contestants called down at the beginning of the show, but the poor girl wound up never leaving Contestants’ Row and making it onstage. It’s funny to see Bob Barker losing patience with her near the end for forgetting the other contestants’ bids.

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