Celebrity Birthday of the Day – February 19

Josh Trank doesn’t have many credits to his name yet, but after seeing his first feature film Chronicle, I’m convinced that he’s destined for big things! Born in Los Angeles, Trank began gaining experience in film and television in his mid-twenties, when he worked in the Spike drama The Kill Point as an editor, director and writer. He also worked as an editor and co-producer on the Patton Oswalt independent film Big Fan in 2009. And now, in 2012, he’s directed a feature film: Chronicle. The success of Chronicle has actually made Trank a record-holder alongside Steven Spielberg as one of the youngest directors ever to have a number one movie in the United States, and he’s officially the youngest director in history to top the UK box office. See what I meant? This guy is destined for very big things indeed. Josh Trank turns 28 today.

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