There She Is

First off, I’d just like to pause and squee a bit, since I’m getting loads of new trailers for the two upcoming sci-fi films that I’m anticipating with giddy excitement: Looper and Total Recall. Squee! I’m seriously nerding out over here at TBRHQ.

Now, about the new Total Recall trailer – from the first announcement that there was going to be a Total Recall remake, fans everywhere were concerned that the remake would leave out one of the iconic moments of Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi gore-fest camp classic. Namely the space hooker with three breasts. I still find it funny that this silly gag was the big moment that fans wanted to remain in the new incarnation of Philip K. Dick’s story, but the fans got what they wanted, as director Len Wiseman assured them in interviews that there would be a three-boobied space whore. But even that doesn’t seem to have been enough, since they also had to stick her in the trailer to put the moviegoing public at ease! Hilarious, I say. And Total Recall still looks great.

Total Recall comes out August 3, 2012.

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