Shouts From the Back Row is a weekly movie-centric podcast in which Gill, TK and Robin are occasionally joined by Tom Lando and other special guests to discuss all kinds of films and other forms of media that they enjoy. Most episodes are countdown lists of the best (or worst) movies of a particular genre, but there is also the occasional episode dedicated to a full review of a single film, a discussion of music, and anything else that amuses the hosts. The average episode starts with a discussion of what the podcasters have been up to in the past week, then moves on into the lists or main review, and concludes with the dumb joke of the week (Gill’s favourite segment). Shouts From the Back Row is posted every Friday.

Oathbreakers is a weekly podcast series, written and recorded by Tom Lando, in the same style as an audiobook. An action-packed supernatural crime drama following cunning and violent characters, this series will entertain you, engage you, and take podcast storytelling as far as possible. Oathbreakers follows six demons who escape from hell, only to be hunted by the bigger, badder, older demons they left behind…and they run a nightclub.

The Tom Lando Files is a series of recorded conversations with Tom Lando, arguably the most mysterious and strange member of the Back Row’s contributing force. Tom’s antics are truly the stuff of legend, and you would be hard pressed to find an episode of The Tom Lando Files that doesn’t leave you confused.

The Drop-D Revolution is a podcast that takes you to the minds behind the metal. That statement meaning that not only is this wonderful form of music celebrated but it will be critiqued and analyzed by yours truly. This is NOT an exclusive music program although the odd song will be played in order to support the topic or promote the featured artist. This program originally started as a campus radio show but now with the power of the Internet can be heard throughout the globe. Some of the past guests on the Revolution include members of Machine Head, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Opeth, Devildriver, Baptized In Blood, Slaves On Dope, Ash Lee Blade and Helix. Members of the metal media including Martin Popoff and ‘Metal’ Tim Henderson have been on the show as well.