Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 24

Alrighty, my celebrity birthday of the day results from a small bias of mine. You see, today just happens to be my own birthday, and while I was being forced against my will out of my comfortable womb in Ottawa, one privince to the west, Anna Paquin was being born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Now, knowing that she and I share the same date of birth is really the biggest thing I like about her. I don’t particularily love her, and always find her to be overshadowed by her castmates, but hey, you can’t win ’em all. She won an Oscar for supporting actress in 1994 for her work in The Piano, but has not been nominated for one since. She has naturally won fan awards for her turn in X-Men as Rogue and more currently, True Blood, which I would be remiss to omit in fear of fans tracking me down and chewing on my jugular. I have never watched an episode of True Blood, but lots of people love it, and since Anna Paquin stars in it, that is another reason I picked her as the celebrity birthday of the day. Her upcoming movie, Margaret, sounds interesting. It is a drama, and not science fiction, and we all know that drama is the stuff that Oscars are made of! Maybe my somewhat bland opinion of Anna will change, but for now, I will just let her Fly Away Home.

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