Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 28


Alright, so my celebrity birthday for today is Elizabeth Berkley. Before rolling your eyes, I do have a very good reason. First of all, she was in “Saved By the Bell”, which many of us grew up with. It is an iconic show, the memory of which no one can belittle. And then, right after that, she went the other way and did Showgirls. Now that is a movie that is complete garbage, but it has built itself a cult following for being so bad. I, for one, love the movie. I also love the television edit of it, which ended up shortening the film by about 45 minutes and adding extras, such as CGI bras. It is sheer brilliance. So how could I resist choosing the star of the best worst show of my childhood and the best worst movie of the 90s as my celebrity birthday of the day? Elizabeth Berkley is a lowly accomplished actor, having received the Worst Actress Razzie and been nominated for the Worst Actress of the Decade Razzie, both for Showgirls. Oh, and the really exciting news? There’s a Saved By the Bell reunion movie coming next year! Look out, Berkley will be back on top!

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