Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 29

Today’s celebrity is Wil Wheaton. Of course, we all know and love him as Wesley Crusher on “Star Trek: TNG”, but I think he is worth mentioning for other reasons. First of all, as a wee lad in Stand By Me. The story revolves around his character, and he does a good job holding his own around his three co-stars, all of whom ended up making big names for themselves (though one of them died). Looking through his credits, he has done a TON of voice acting. Everything from video games, like Grand Theft Auto and Everquest II, to television shows, like “Batman: the Brave and Bold” and “Ben 10: Alien Force”. And of course, there is the 1991 film Toy Soldiers. And if you missed it, try to find his appearance on the hilarious “The Big Bang Theory”. It is nice to see him playing off of his geeky fanboy fame. Happy birthday, Wil!

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