Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 30

Today is our king’s 40th birthday. Please kneel and kiss his feet. On this day in 1970, there was a bright star shining over London. Three wise men followed the star to witness the birth of Christopher Nolan. In case you don’t know why you should be worshipping the Nolan, think about this:¬†here is a man who has only been directing movies for less than 15 years, yet has¬†brought us some of the most memorable films in cinema history. Take a look at his directing credits: Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, the Prestige, the Dark Knight, and Inception.

Granted, there are some who would like to see Insomnia taken off that list, but I personally think it is a pretty good flick. One main reason it might not be up to par is the fact that out of Nolan’s complete list of directing credits, Insomnia is the only one he did not also write. So there you go: perhaps Christopher Nolan is a true king only when he is directing something he helped write, which makes sense. It would definitely mean less to him if it was someone else’s script, so his full heart wouldn’t be into it.

But anyway, with another Batman sequel coming up, and 2012’s Superman: Man of Steel to show us Nolan in strictly producer mode, the future definitely looks perfect for Christopher Nolan.

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