One Paragraph Movie Review: Con Air (1997)

Con Air is an action film centered around a group of prisoners taking over a transport plane. Among the prisoners is an ex-con known as Alexander Poe (played by a slightly confused Nicolas Cage), who accidentally killed a man in self defense (the court obviously didn’t rule in Poe’s favor). Poe tries his best to protect the innocent people on board, including a diabetic inmate he befriended in prison, while maintaining his supposed identity as a convict until the authorities find them. This film is no way a masterpiece, but as an action film, it sure does satisfy! I mean, the film does not take itself seriously at all. It rebels against every filmic convention (whether it be logic or subtlety) and yet it turns out to be one hell of a fun ride. It is just filled with sheer enjoyment and features some of the coolest and the most badass villains you could ask for, including Cyrus the Virus (played by John Malkovich), Diamond Dog (Ving Rhames), Johnny 23 (played by Danny Trejo, who actually has a decent amount of screen time here) and Garland Greene (played by Hollywood’s go-to-guy Steve Buscemi, who is like a more subtle Hannibal Lecter). The other characters, including the other inmates, are all well acted for the most part (John Cusack must have done a  good job as the U.S. Marshall, because I almost liked him for once). Nic Cage gives a very laughable but entertaining performance with his amazing attempt at a southern accent. He really is a good actor, but with this film, I think he was  just waiting for the big paycheck once filming was done.  I love how badass Nicolas Cage is in the film, because in reality you would feel a great deal of pain when you get shot in the arm, but that does not slow Cage down as he continues to run without flinching and clotheslines a thug with the same arm. Con Air is a good film for its spectacle. With tons of explosions, insanely violent action, wicked humour, great characters and John Malkovich’s occasional witty one-liners, this film ensures its viewers will have a lot of fun, provided, of course, that they do not take it seriously.

3 out of 5

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