The Poster Everyone’s Talking About


Just take a moment and drink in this poster for the upcoming 3D Yogi Bear movie that has the net all a-flutter lately. Hmmm, I can’t imagine why anyone would find anything even remotely suggestive about….wait a minute. GREAT THINGS COME IN BEARS? OH MY GOD! WHAT IS YOGI DOING TO BOOBOO?!! Click the image for a larger view.

This is just so damn funny that I’m becoming increasingly convinced that it’s intentional. Surely SOMEONE in the marketing department at Warner Bros. snickered immaturely when this passed across their desk, right? But as stupid and (perhaps) unintentionally racy as this poster is, the irony of it all is that it’s working. The image seen above has been popping up everywhere online as people ridicule it. This poster has single-handedly gotten the Yogi Bear movie tons of publicity, and it makes me wonder if we’ll see an influx in suggestive movie poster taglines for childrens’ films. And with the Smurfs movie coming up, too, I can only imagine what those taglines might read…

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