Filler Link: The Incredible HALKa

[via Topless Robot]

I would have written an entire article on this glorious little trailer, except that I can’t find a damn thing anywhere about the film it’s advertising! A Google search really only turns up links to the trailer on Topless Robot. Even the website URL listed in the bottom right corner of the trailer leads nowhere, and so this is all we have to work with. But hell, it’s pretty amazing on its own.

I’m a huge fan of foreign remakes of North American films – to this day, Turkish Rambo is still one of my favourites. But HALKa is taking things to a whole new level by adding in CGI special effects that look like they’re from the TRON era. And the fact that they’ve made Bruce Banner a little guy makes it all the better. I really hope I can find a copy of this somewhere.

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