Celebrity Birthday of the Day – August 13

There is not a person I know who cannot name an Alfred Hitchcock film. Sadly, however, the newer generations will undoubtedly lose touch with this master of suspense. Since we are now living in the Age of the Remake, we will surely see a surge of Hitchcock films being remade. They have already done Disturbia, which is basically a remake of Rear Window made for a younger generation. And then there was that remake…rehatch…replica……whatever the hell that Gus Van Sant Psycho movie was supposed to be. They are currently working on The Birds, too, with Naomi Watts in the lead role. But nothing can top the undisputed king of horror. His films have been so inspirational and groundbreaking, they have virtually named an entire film genre after him. Too bad today’s youth probably has no idea what a ‘Hitchcockian’ movie is.

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