Witness the Awe and Horror That is Little Fockers

So apparently it’s okay to say “Focker” in public, but it’s still a bit gauche to say “Fucker”. You can even advertise a movie with the word “Focker” in the title…a movie built entirely around making jokes about how much “Focker” sounds like “Fucker”. Isn’t it amazing what we can do nowadays?

Little Fockers is the third film in the obnoxiously long series of movies which started with 2000’s Meet the Parents (a decent, just-above-average comedy, in my opinion) and was continued with Meet the Fockers in 2004. The mere fact that they made a completely unnecessary sequel to a funny but not particularly remarkable film was a bad sign (as evidenced by all the American Pie movies beyond the first one), but now they’ve made a third one, and not only does it look completely inane, but they’ve made it into a feel-good holiday movie as well. Ain’t that just peachy.

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