Tallman’s Ghost: The Most Traumatic Viewing Experience of My Childhood


(Unfortunately, these Unsolved Mysteries clips have been removed from Youtube – Gill)

I’ve recently taken up a very time-consuming hobby of watching old Unsolved Mysteries segments, as there are currently hundreds of them posted on Youtube. It’s one of my all-time favourite TV shows, but I feel that the invention of the Internet has kinda given the show a second life for me. It’s a lot of fun watching episodes that I haven’t seen in many years and then being able to do a Google search to look up more information about the cases profiled on the show. Anyway, as a kid, I found certain segments on Unsolved Mysteries to be much scarier than any other horror film I’ve ever seen, but the segment that traumatized me when I was nine years old and gave me nightmares for weeks was called “Tallman’s Ghost”. It involved a family being terrorized by evil spirits that may have been unleashed by a demonically possessed bunk bed! As silly as that may sound, I think the reason this segment works so well is because it doesn’t actually show any ghosts and relies entirely on the reactions of the family and the viewer’s imagination. If you’re watching this for the first time as an adult, I don’t know if this segment will seem scary at all, but I still find it pretty chilling over twenty years later and have no plans to buy any bunk beds any time soon.

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