Hatchet Gets A Sequel, No One Seems Excited Except The Title Cards In The Trailer


The original Hatchet came out in 2007, and despite being heaped with critical praise (as seen in this trailer for the sequel), I really wasn’t impressed, which is surprising because when it comes to horror movies, it doesn’t take much for me to enjoy them. But Hatchet took just a bit too long to get to the fun stuff, and even then, there wasn’t much innovative gore to drive it along. The story was a mish-mash of slasher film cliches, and the only things about the movie that I actually liked were the celebrity cameos from B-movie all-stars like Robert Englund and Tony Todd. Looks like Tony Todd made it back for the sequel, and from the trailer I can pretty well deduce that this will be more of the same stuff we saw in part one.

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