Sunday Short Reviews


Every Sunday, Gill delves into his archive of over 800 movie reviews and randomly selects three for your enjoyment! Here are this week’s…

Jackass Number Two
Okay, look, I know it’s stupid, I know I shouldn’t like it, but damnit, I laughed harder and cringed more watching this movie than I did at any other movie I’ve seen in the past five years. To me, that’s the mark of an effective film, even if it’s incredibly dumb. And hey, at least they’re not trying to make us believe they’re doing anything other than what they’re doing: being complete Jackasses for our entertainment.
4 out of 5

Battlefield Earth
I watched this with the heckler commentary from the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 guys, and it was STILL painful! And I mean literally physically nauseating! Every shot in the movie is tilted on an angle, which is REALLY disorienting. It actually made me kind of dizzy. Avoid this movie at all costs.
.5 out of 5

Dirty Sanchez
This movie gets ZERO stars because it is just so grotesque, so gut-wrenchingly disgusting, that since watching it I have tried to block it from my memory entirely. I won’t get into all the depraved idiocy on display here (I’ll spare your stomachs), but it is just too much to be enjoyable on any level. These guys manage to make Jackass look like Casablanca. Terrible, just terrible. Spare yourself the nausea.
0 out of 5

See you next Sunday for three more thrilling short reviews!

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