Celebrity Birthday of the Day – August 25

Sir Sean Connery is an icon. Sir Sean Connery is a legend. Sir Sean Connery is retired…or IS he? After playing everything from James Bond to King Arthur, his unfortunate experience filming The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen prompted him to leave the film business. But now he appears to be coming back. George Lucus and Steven Spielberg couldn’t get him back, Disney couldn’t get him back, but a little animation studio in Scotland managed to do it. Glasgow Animation has managed to get him out of retirement for the upcoming animated feature Sir Billi. Apparently what convinced him was a DVD sent to him by the animation studio. Connery’s grandchildren kidnapped the DVD and loved it, so they kept it. He is quoted as saying, “If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me!” It sure will be nice to hear his voice again. Happy 80th, Mr. Connery!

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