Julia’s Eyes Is The Eye Plus One, But Better


Here’s the trailer for the upcoming film Julia’s Eyes, produced by Guillermo Del Toro (as well as two of the other producers of The Orphanage) and directed by Guillem Morales. From what I gather, it’s about a woman who has a hereditary disease which is causing her to slowly go blind. After her twin sister dies under circumstances seeming only suspicious to her, the woman is determined to uncover the mystery surrounding her sister’s apparent suicide. Somewhere along the way, the woman gets an eye transplant which allows her to see the strange invisible figure who has begun to haunt her and shares some connection to her dead sister.

Now, this territory was well covered in the Pang brothers 2002 film The Eye and the crappy American remake from 2008, but I think Julia’s Eyes is really going to deliver the goods, especially with Guillermo Del Toro involved.

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