Red Letter Media’s Reviews Are Awesome, The Serial Killing Parts Less So

The Zoidberg-sounding Youtube user Red Letter Media creates funny in-depth reviews of movies like Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Avatar, and Baby’s Day Out, to name a few, and I think they’re totally brilliant. This guy’s delivery of jokes in a mumbly, deadpan voice is spot-on, and he really has a knack for pointing out flaws in films that seem obvious once they’re brought to your attention, but that you’d probably never think of on your own. His reviews of the first two Star Wars prequels are terrific, and his review of the John Hughes disasterpiece Baby’s Day Out is side-splittingly funny. The only thing that puts me off about his videos are the bits where he implies that he’s a serial killer holding women hostage in his basement. Just kinda ruins the funny from time to time. Thankfully, these bits are pretty infrequent, and the hilarity of the reviews makes up for the less-funny stuff ten times over. I recommend checking out all his reviews, but his Phantom Menace review remains my favourite. You can find the rest of the review under the cut!

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