5 Movies Titles That Are Annoying To Say In Conversation


A movie’s title is one of the most important aspects of a film’s marketing. A title can make or break a movie – make it too long, throw in an unecessary subtitle, or include a word that’s completely unpronouncable, and your movie can be doomed from the outset. Of course, many movies with terrible titles are pretty terrible to begin with, but every once in a while a great movie comes along with a horrible title slapped on it. This list isn’t about the quality of the films included in it, however. It’s about the awkwardness and annoyance experienced when you try to include the titles of these movies in a conversation. Take a look at the crappy, Wes Craven-produced They up there. Now imagine some of your friends went out to see it over the weekend, and you wanted to tell someone. What would you say?

“What did Jim and Nathan get up to over the weekend? They saw They.”

How awful is that? Look under the cut for more examples of movies that are a pain to talk about, if only because of their titles.

5. Any “Movie” Movie


Much like the films themselves, this one is a no-brainer. Any movie that labels itself as “(Genre) Movie” is just asking for trouble. When the description of the movie becomes the movie’s title, it just leads to all kinds of annoying situations.

“What movie are you seeing with Louisa on your date?”
“Date Movie.”

4. Watch It


I’m not sure anybody remembers this film besides me, as it’s a largely forgettable comedy about some pretty despicable people. But the title Watch It is absolutely terrible when you try to include it in a conversation, especially if you’re describing an amusing anecdote where your pet started watching the movie with you.

“You say your cat was watching a movie with you?”
“Yeah. It watched Watch It.”
“Say what?”

3. Them


This classic horror film about giant ants makes you sound like a stalker when you try to talk about it, and nothing is more awkward than having the people you’re conversing with suddenly assume that you enjoy creeping.

“What did you do over the weekend?”
“I watched Them!”
“Uh…I have to go now.”

2. Saw


Saw is the film that inspired this list, because nothing spells irritation like having to say you watched a movie, the title of which is the same verb you use to describe the act of watching it. Need I say more?

“Did you see Saw? I saw Saw. I saw Saw on Saturday. You should see Saw soon.”
“Never speak to me again.”

1. It


This is the big one. It is such a common word that it crops up in basically every conversation you will ever have. Even the Knights who say Ni couldn’t avoid saying the very word that is their only weakness! Not only is “it” an extremely common word, but it’s also an ambiguous descriptor, meaning that saying referring to the movie It will only get people pissed off at you because it seems like you’re skirting around the movie’s title.

“I saw It.”
It. I saw It. Have you seen It?”
It! You should see It! It’s pretty good!”

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