This Awesome Live-Action Trailer For Halo: Reach Makes Me Wonder Why The Halo Movie Never Got Off The Ground

I can already hear the angry rants from gamers as I type this, but I’ve really never been a big fan of the Halo games. Sure, they’re good for a laugh when you’ve got some friends over and want to play a space-age version of Goldeneye, but I find the single-player campaigns pretty uninspired, and the gameplay itself isn’t particularly innovative, in my opinion. But something I’ve always enjoyed about the Halo games is the commercials, and this latest one for Halo: Reach is no exception. Look at those production values! I’d totally watch this movie!

Once upon a time, when Peter Jackson was producing a Neill Blomkamp-directed, Alex Garland-written Halo movie, I was actually pretty excited for it. Now, looking at this trailer, I honestly can’t figure out why that film never got off the ground. I woulda been there in a heartbeat, regardless of whether or not I liked the games.

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