Ultramarines Features Ugly Humans, Awesome Power Armour, And Lots Of Fog

Here we have the trailer for Ultramarines, a computer animated film based on the popular miniature figurine table-top strategy game Warhammer 40,000. Featuring the voices of John Hurt and Terrence Stamp, Ultramarines follows the interplanetary exploits of the titular space marines as they blast their foes to kingdom come. I can’t quite decide if I’m interested in this or not, but let me tell you: if I am interested, it’s only because I spent a year or two of my youth playing the game. Of course, I played the orcs, not the space marines, and as a result, even if I do decide that I’m interested in this, I won’t be as interested as I might have been if this film focussed on my favourite green-skinned brutes.

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