Will You See Saw VII?


I think the first Saw film is an amazing low-budget horror film with a great premise and a killer final act, but since part one, the quality of the franchise has been in steady decline. With each movie things get a little dumber, and since the plots tend to follow the same formula each time (a group of people are tortured to death by gruesome contraptions as a framing plotline, generally centered around either the police or Jigsaw, plays out), by the time part IV rolled around things were getting extremely predictable. Even though *SPOILER ALERT* Jigsaw died at the end of the third instalment, he continues to pop up again and again through the magic of flashbacks and video recordings. Now, this is probably a good thing, since Tobin Bell is the best part of the series, but with every new film the methods for bringing him back to the screen seem more and more contrived.
Now we come to Saw VII 3-D, supposedly the concluding chapter of the series, which promises to answer any lingering questions you might have leftover from parts I through VI. Apparently Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes) is back (but I bet his foot isn’t), so the biggest hanging plotline is going to be resolved, but other than that, I’m pretty sure this is going to be a rehash of the previous movies, since the formula seems to at least draw a crowd. But what’s really going to set this Saw apart from its predecessors is the use of 3-D. As the tagline says, the traps are going to come alive and reach out of the screen to get us. I’m actually a little excited for this aspect of it, since I think that unless you’re doing another full-blown 3-D extravaganza like Avatar, the 3-D gimmick should be reserved for schlocky horror movies. But even then the 3-D can kinda fall flat, like what happened with The Final Destination. Hopefully Saw VII will be a cut above that film, though. See what I did there?
Are you excited for Saw VII? I definitely plan on seeing it, but with Saw, I pretty well know what I’m going to get already.

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