Celebrity Birthday of the Day – August 29

The celebrity I chose today is another film director. Joel Schumacher is a man who has been making movies for over 30 years. His movies are pretty hit-and-miss, with little-to-no directorial style. I do believe I know why some of his stuff is good, while some of his stuff is completely rotten. You see, it seems that if he is directing a movie from an original script, he manages to do a good job. If he is directing a movie from pre-existing material, however, he always manages to mess it up. For example, St. Elmo’s Fire, The Lost Boys, Flatliners, Falling Down, Flawless, Phone Booth, and The Number 23 are all based on original scripts, and they are all decent movies. But then there are movies like Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, and The Phantom of the Opera which are based on comic books and musicals, respectively. This is the man who put nipples on the batsuit! And as for The Phantom of the Opera, there is really nothing in the film that could not have been done live on stage, so he missed a huge oppertunity to take advantage of the film medium. Oh yeah, and he removed an entire verse from the title song! WTF?! At any rate, he seems to do alright with John Grisham novels, as can be seen with The Client and A Time to Kill, so maybe my argument is false. But he still put nipples on the batsuit!

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