Before They Were Stars: William Shatner and Adam West Share a Scene Together!

There are some pairings that get you really pumped when they finally get the chance to work together for the first time, like Robert De Niro & Al Pacino or Jackie Chan & Jet Li. One dream pairing that has never been exploited to its fullest extent is the team of William Shatner and Adam West, but believe it or not, they HAVE shared the screen together at one point! However, I think their combined campy awesomeness was probably just too powerful for the world to handle. In 1964, before Star Trek and Batman hit the airwaves, Shatner and West both starred in a failed TV pilot called Alexander the Great where Shatner (sporting a blonde dye job!) played the role of Alexander. The show was never picked up and the footage was lost and buried for many years, but in the Internet age, nothing stays buried forever. This footage is old and washed-out, but these 40 seconds may be only chance you’ll ever have to see Captain Kirk and Batman acting together. It’s quite interesting to ponder how different the world of pop culture geekdom would be if Alexander the Great had been picked up and ran on TV for a few years, denying Shatner and West the chance to get cast in their most iconic roles. I’ll also add that Oliver Stone’s disastrous version of Alexander might have become the greatest movie ever made if he had just let those two reprise their roles!

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