Celebrity Birthday of the Day – September 3

Charlie Sheen turns 45 today. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I thought he was capable of starring in a hilarious and successful television sitcom, I would have said ‘no’ without a second thought. But upon taking over for Michael J. Fox on “Spin City”, he quickly proved his comedic talent, and was given his own show, “Two and a Half Men”, just one year after the previous show ended its run. Of course, he is attributed to his current show and solely his current show for many young people who were not able to grow up watching him. But he does have a lot of good movies under his belt. Personally, he always cracks me up playing a parody of himself in Being John Malkovich. But with older roles in Platoon, Wall Street, Hot Shots 1 & Deux, and The Three Muskateers, he has definitely proven himself in just about every genre.

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