Before They Were Stars: George Costanza REALLY Loves the McDLT!

Before he hit it big on Seinfeld, Jason Alexander used to pay the bills by appearing in a lot of TV commercials during the eighties. His most memorable definitely had to be this one where he appears with a full head of hair and a white Miami Vice-style sport coat to plug the brand-new McDLT from McDonald’s. In fact, Jason is so excited about the McDLT that he and a bunch of strangers break into a fully choreographed song-and-dance number! For those of you who aren’t young enough to remember the McDLT, it was notable because it came in a two-sided styrofoam container that had the beef patty on one side and the lettuce and tomato on the other, which allowed the customer to prepare it themselves. Of course, the McDLT had to be discontinued when McDonald’s became more environmentally friendly and got rid of styrofoam containers, which ruined the whole McDLT experience. I actually have vivid memories about the massive hype for the McDLT when I was a kid and probably saw this commercial several times without knowing that this goofy guy would go on to become such an iconic┬áTV star.

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