Celebrity Birthday of the Day – September 4

Ok, first of all, Wes Bentley has not been in a whole lot of movies. In fact, he only has 18 completed film credits to his name. But consider this: his first movie was in 1995, which means that he has 18 film credits all in the last 15 years! Of course, his big break came in 1999 with the release of American Beauty. I thought he was fantastic in that role, though he has unfortunately appeared in a bunch of very forgettable movies since then. One movie that I do feel you should all check out is 2007’s P2, which has only 2 people in it the entire film (though that is not where the title comes from…), and it is definitely Wes Bentley’s movie. He does a great job. So go see that. Then go watch American Beauty again. It is really an amazing film.

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