Before They Were Stars: Ben Affleck Gets Roid Rage!

A lot of big-name actors have had roles in cheesy after-school specials before they became famous, as I’m sure you’re probably aware if you’ve ever gone through the Walmart DVD bargain bin and sifted through dozens of copies of Kirsten Dunst’s Fifteen and Pregnant. In the early nineties, a young Ben Affleck took the lead role in an episode of the HBO series, Lifestories: Families in Crisis, a show that dealt with serious issues and problems involving teenagers. I believe Affleck’s episode dealt with the serious issue of appearing in movies where J-Lo spreads her legs and says “gobble, gobble”. Just kidding, the real issue was actually steroid use and the show really drove home the point that steroids were bad by having Affleck act out a ridiculously over-the-top episode of roid rage. In you case you don’t think this scene’s hilarious enough on its own, a Benny Hill version is also available.

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