University of Florida Offers Students The Chance To Earn Credits By Playing Starcraft 2


Yep, you read that right. The University of Florida now offers a three credit course on the popular video game Starcraft 2, claiming that skills learned from playing Starcraft can be applied to real-life situations. Course professor Nate Poling says:

“In StarCraft you’re managing a lot of different units and groups of different capacities. It’s not a stretch to think of that in the business world or in the work of a healthcare administrator.”

Boy did I go to the wrong university! I can’t imagine a cooler course than one where you show up and play video games every class. Apparently there is no textbook, no syllabus, and no final exam! No noobs either, though, as the course prerequisite states that students require at least basic knowledge of and experience playing StarCraft. So I guess I’m outta luck there, since I’ve never been very good at SC2. Oh well.

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