Celebrity Birthday of the Day – September 15

The earliest film in which I saw Tommy Lee Jones was Under Siege, and I loved him. He was such a great villain. Then came The Fugitive, in which he played sort of a double role, mainly as a good guy on the side of the law, but as a villain to the main character. And then there was Blown Away, which showed us his villainous side yet again. He was somewhat of a villain again in The Client and of course, as Two-Face in Batman Forever. Then he let out his good side in Volcano and Men In Black. Reverting back to his roots, he then came out with U.S. Marshals and The Fugitive 3,….er….Double Jeopardy. I love him in Space Cowboys and thought he was brilliant in No Country for Old Men. And now with the upcoming Captain America and the very unneccesary Men In Black III, we will once again see the old Tommy Lee Jones we know and love.

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