Hey DMs! For The Coolest Gaming Miniatures, Check Out Dwarven Forge!


Dwarven Forge makes the most beautifully sculpted, hand-painted, fully-detailed miniature sets for all your gaming needs. The picture above depicts a dungeon constructed from both the basic dungeon components set and the cavern components set, and the best part is that all the pieces are rearrangeable! Just a single one of these sets opens up a world of possibilities for RPG players, and a terrific visual aid for dungeon masters. Heck, just looking at this picture gets me brainstorming adventure possibilities! And if a fantasy setting isn’t your thing, don’t worry – they have science fiction themed sets too! These sets are just so gorgeous, I can’t get enough of them. Click the image for a better view of the dungeon set up, and click here to visit the Dwarven Forge home page!

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