Relatively Sane Truths

The Back Row’s own Tom Lando has written a short film – and he’s also the star! Relatively Sane Truths is the story of a man (Tom) recently released from a mental institution who goes to stay with a friend (Gill) for a while. To celebrate his return to the outside world, his friend throws a party in his honor, but as the night goes on, the man begins to realize that sanity, like truth, is relative.

I must say, I had a lot of fun filming this, especially since I get to be pretty badass in it. But man, Red Stripe beer just isn’t my flavour, and I drank a fair amount during the shoot. Funny how most of the shots of me drinking it got cut, though. That’s show biz, I guess! I highly recommend checking this out, even if it’s only to laugh at how long my hair was. Tom’s too, for that matter.

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