Remixing the Eccentric: Steve Ballmer

For those of you who don’t know, Steve Ballmer is the CEO of Microsoft, and has been since 2000 when he took over for Bill Gates, but most of his popularity comes from viral videos like the one above, which show him enthusiastically flipping out at various conventions and conferences. But hey, the guy must be pretty smart in spite of his apparent lunacy, as his personal wealth is currently estimated as being somewhere around $14.5 billion! One of the more famous Ballmer videos shows him sweating profusely as he chants the word “Developers” again and again, and sure enough, someone used it as the basis for a remix. I wish I knew who originally created this remix so I could credit them, but alas, I do not. If anyone out there does, though, please let me know so I attribute it to them! And be warned, this one’s a bit of an ear worm.

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