Remixing the Eccentric: Crazy Dog Lady

I have no idea what the full story on this lady is, nor can I find any reliable information on the interwebz, so here’s what I’ve got: I’m guessing that this footage was shot for a dog-related TV show on Bravo (see the logo in the corner there?). From the sounds of things, the lady who opens this video is a dog trainer, and while she was at the park trying to help someone educate her pooch, a totally nutty lady with a psycho dog had an altercation with some innocent businessman who was just walking by. Nutty Lady’s dog bit Businessman on the leg and a shouting match broke out, wherein Nutty Lady declared that her insane dog bites her on her vagina. Yep. No idea what the final outcome of this was…besides a catchy remix, of course! Best part: it features Gordon Ramsey!

But seriously, lady. Do something about your dog.

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