Truly, A True Lies TV Series Is In The Works. No Lie.


[via UGO]

So UGO is reporting that James Cameron has attached his name to a potential television series based on his 1994 action flick True Lies, which is, in my opinion, one of his better movies. And really, what’s not to love about True Lies? It’s full of badass Arnie action and Austrian-accented one-liners, you get to see Jamie Lee Curtis in her underwear pole dancing with a canopy bed, Eliza Dushku gets kidnapped by terrorists, and it features one of the best bathroom fight scenes in cinema history. But does that mean that a series based on the 16 year old action movie could work? The source material is pretty old by now, and while it’s a great movie, it’s not the most well-known of Cameron’s films. Not to mention the fact that obviously Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis probably won’t be returning to reprise their roles. Actually, now that I think about it, the only two people who I foresee being willing to return to the franchise (if anybody comes back at all) are Eliza Dushku and Tom Arnold…neither of whom were the highlight of the film for me. But all of that considered, James Cameron has managed to make both the most expensive and most profitable movie in the world twice in a row, so he probably knows what he’s doing.

For the record, the highlight of True Lies for me is the scene where the torturer injects Arnie with truth serum and he describes how he’s going to kill everyone…right before he actually does it. Priceless.

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