The Sacrifice: A Left 4 Dead Comic


Nobody ever asks me why I love Left 4 Dead, and I can’t say as I’m very surprised. It is, without a doubt, the best zombie video game ever made. You can keep your Resident Evils and your Dead Risings (although Dead Rising is a lot of fun), because nothing can top Valve’s undead-slaughtering masterpiece. On top of that, Valve keeps releasing awesome downloadable content for it that I, being a PC gamer, get for free! FREE! So really, how could I not love this game?

Anyway, Valve, in another stroke of genius, has begun releasing Left 4 Dead comics that detail the time between the final campaign of Left 4 Dead and the downloadable content The Sacrifice. Part 1 is now available, with part 2 coming September 21st, and I highly recommend checking it out!

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