A Live-Action Pokemon Movie? Is That What I’m Looking At?


This video has been circulating for the past couple of days, and it seems to show 30 seconds or so of bootlegged footage of a live-action Pokemon movie. Now, I’m not a Pokemon fan in any way, so I like to think that I can offer an objective point of view on what we’re seeing here. It’s fake. Totally fake. Take a look at those special effects and tell me they aren’t just a little too cartoony for this to be real. Take a look at the quality of the image. Even though it’s being taped on a handheld camera or a cell phone, you can still tell that the “film” being shown was shot on video, and probably not even Hollywood calibre. “But wait!” I hear you Poke-fans cry, “This was obviously shot at some kind of screening!” Well, uh, no. That’s intentional fakery. Trust me on this.

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