A Michael Jackson MMO, I Kid You Not


[via Kotaku]

Webmaster Mike pointed me towards this yesterday. USA Today is reporting that SEE Virtual Worlds is developing an online MMO based around “the artistry and heart” of Michael Jackson. In this Jacko-themed virtual world, players can customize their own avatars (I predict Thriller jackets), socialize, and yes, dance their butts off. I’m kinda dumbfounded by this one, but I suppose the old Sega Genesis game Moonwalker paved the way for this sort of thing. Like other MMOs being produced as of late, Planet Michael is going to be free for all to use, but certain features will require people to pay in order to access them. While I was never a big Michael Jackson fan, I can’t deny the guy was a great performer. But a Jacko MMO? I’m really not sure what to make of it. But hey! It’s gonna be free! I guess I’ll give it a shot, if only to write about it here.


I wonder if this game will let you dangle your baby off a balcony.

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