Before They Were Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Hercules in New York” (undubbed version)

If you’re an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, you may already be familiar with the infamous Hercules in New York. This was Arnold’s film debut after arriving in America where he was cast as the title character and credited under the name “Arnold Strong”. He also had all of his lines dubbed over with an American voice that sounded nothing like him! For many years, the only available version of this film was the dubbed one, but when the movie was finally released on DVD not too long ago, they restored Arnold’s original audio track. And I gotta say… dubbing was definitely the right call! Arnold’s Austrian accent was so thick and his English so bad at this point that most of his dialogue is completely incomprehensible. If they had originally released the movie that way, his career might have been ruined forever. That said, the undubbed version is ten times more hilarious! This series of clips also features footage of the epic fight scene between Arnold and a guy in a bear suit!

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