I’m Suddenly Really Excited For Heartless

I’ve been vaguely aware of the British horror film Heartless for some time now, but I never really took note of it until I stumbled on this awesome trailer this morning! Wow, this looks cool! Jim Sturgess (of Across the Universe) stars as Jamie, a photographer with a heart-shaped birthmark on his face who is seemingly the only person in London who can see the demonic gangs that roam the streets. When Jamie is summoned before a strange and creepy man named Papa B, he learns that his very existence is tied to the demons and, in exchange for helping Papa B execute a mysterious plan, Papa B will remove Jamie’s birthmark.

I think this looks absolutely terrific. I’ve liked Jim Sturgess since Across the Universe, and have always been disappointed when he’s appeared in mediocre movies like 21. But now it looks like he’s trying on a neat supernatural horror flick, which is right up my alley. I can’t wait to see Heartless!

Hit the jump for two more trailers!

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