Kate Beckinsale Is Back For Underworld 4


[via FirstShowing]

You know what franchise I don’t care about at all? The Underworld franchise. I’ve just never understood the appeal of gothy, leather-clad vampires with machine guns, and the war between them and the werewolves just seems so hackneyed to me. Which is why I found Kate Beckinsale’s announcement that she will be returning for the fourth Underworld movie so surprising. I was sure that when she left the series after part 2, that would be the last the franchise saw of her, but no! I was wrong! It probably has something to do with her being married to the director of the first two Underworld films, but I won’t get in to that. Any Underworld fans among our readers? Are you guys looking forward to part 4?

Underworld 4 is due out in 2012.

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