Before They Were Stars: Jennifer Aniston in “Ferris Bueller” – The TV Series

For a “Before They Were Stars” feature on Jennifer Aniston, I’m sure the obvious choice would have been to use a clip from Leprechaun. But I’m going to delve back even further to 1990 and showcase Miss Aniston’s first major acting role when she stepped into Jennifer Grey’s shoes to play Jeannie Bueller in the short-lived Ferris Bueller TV series. It’s a general rule that TV shows based on movies are doomed to failure. For every Buffy that winds up becoming a huge success, there are dozens of feature film spin-offs that wind up getting cancelled very quickly and Ferris Bueller was no exception as it wound up lasting only 13 episodes. In this VERY bizarre clip, Ferris and Jeannie actually wind up sharing an incestuous kiss, which seriously had me crying out “WTF?!” and wondering how the hell this aired on network television! However, the scene suddenly goes all Mission: Impossible when Ferris’ girlfriend pulls off a rubber Jennifer Aniston mask and reveals that it was her the whole time. Um… I guess this might make sense if you watch the whole episode, but the only impression it left me with was that Ferris Bueller secretly wants his own sister.

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