Mr. Oizo’s Psychic Tire Movie Is Getting Rave Reviews

Quentin Dupieux, also known as the electro house musician Mr. Oizo, has made a movie called Rubber about…well, a psychic rubber tire that terrorizes the desert. And while this may sound like a completely outlandish premise, early reviews from Fantastic Fest have not only been positive, they’ve been glowing! Here’s an excerpt from FirstShowing‘s review of the film:

Stephen Spinella’s Lieutenant Chad explains to us in the film’s opening monologue, questioning what you are about to see is as inane as asking why E.T. is brown. No reason. Why did the people in Texas Chainsaw Massacre never wash their hands? No reason. […] Hence, as Rubber shows us, a deserted tire left in the California desert could very well pull itself out of the sand. It could roll itself down the paved roads. It could find it has telepathic powers that can destroy anything and everything in its path, and, if that is possible, that same rubber tire could also have a thirst for blood. That is precisely what we have here, and Dupieux’s film comes off as hilarious, wholly original, and provides a strong commentary on the way we perceive stories, particularly in this world of film.

I’ve gotta say: I expected Rubber to be an unusual, original, and interesting movie, but nothing like the amazing caliber that the FirstShowing guys are lauding it as! Their review concludes with a rating of 9 out of 10, which is pretty freaking high for a movie whose protagonist is, let me emphasize this again, a PSYCHIC RUBBER TIRE. Rubber is set for a limited release in November, and after this kind of praise, I am, of course, wholly intrigued by it.

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