A New Trailer For Paranormal Activity 2 Doesn’t Look Half Bad

I enjoyed Paranormal Activity well enough, and I’ll admit to being really impressed with director Oren Peli’s talent for making people (even me, a jaded horror movie viewer) jump at the smallest thing, such as a door moving a few inches. Minimalist horror is a tough feat to pull off, and Paranormal Activity‘s success really speaks to the competence of the filmmakers. Now Paranormal Activity 2 is on the way, and while I was initially skeptical, I think this new trailer actually looks pretty good. Sure, part of the charm of the first one is that it was being presented as reality, and now that a sequel has rolled around there’s really no doubt that it was fake (not that there was any doubt in the first place, but you know what I mean), but it looks like the filmmakers are counteracting that by having tons of paranormal stuff happen to the characters. Like I said, I think this looks like it could be cool. What do you guys think?

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