Before They Were Stars: Four-Year Old Sarah Michelle Gellar Does a Burger King Commercial and Gets Sued!

When she was only four years old, Sarah Michelle Gellar was spotted by a talent agent in a restaurant and eventually wound up getting a role in a Burger King commercial. And before she could even know what the concept of a lawsuit was, she found herself on the receiving end of one! This was a very controversial and groundbreaking commercial as it marked one of the very first times that the product being advertised actually mentioned a competitor by name. Burger King flat-out stated they were better than McDonald’s in this ad and wound up getting sued over it and even though she was just a four-year old reading lines from a script, those idiots decided to sue young Sarah Michelle Gellar as well! The lawsuit wound up being settled, but poor Sarah was actually forbidden from entering a McDonald’s for many years since she had stated in the commercial, “I only eat at Burger King”. The great irony of the whole thing is that McDonald’s wound up becoming one of the biggest sponsors of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

As a bonus, I thought I had struck gold yesterday when I found an old Burger King commercial with both Elisabeth Shue and Andrew McCarthy, but I’ve done one better today with this Burger King ad, which features Elisabeth Shue, Lea Thompson AND Sarah Michelle Gellar! If nothing else, Burger King had some damn good casting directors!

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