Passing the Cactus

TK coined a new phrase on this week’s episode of Shouts From the Back Row, and we need your help in spreading it around. Much like “jump the shark” and “nuke the fridge”, “pass the cactus” refers to a major flaw in a film or television show, but unlike “jump the shark” and “nuke the fridge”, “pass the cactus” implies that the flaw is a forgiveable one. Here’s how TK explains it:

Imagine you’re driving down the highway and you see a dancing cactus by the side of the road. Do you stop? Or do you pass it by? Now imagine that the road you’re on is a movie, and the cactus is a horrible flaw in the film (a bad directorial choice, a terrible line, a pointless occurence, a dumb performance, etc.). Do you pass the cactus or not?

The phrase essentially refers to your own ability to overlook certain flaws for the sake of enjoying the movie. Whereas TK and Caitlyn could “pass the cactus” with The Brothers Grimm, Robin and Gill could not. But Robin can pass the cactus with Delta Force, and Gill loves the special effects in Transformers so much that he doesn’t care that the rest of the movie stinks. Everybody passes the cactus at some point!

So help us out, dear readers, and spread around the cactus love!

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