Before They Were Stars: Edge and Christian Tour My Old High School in Orangeville!

Since I’m currently spending Thanksgiving weekend in Orangeville, I thought it only appropriate that I showcase the one time my hometown has been prominently featured on a commercially released DVD. This clip from is from a World Wrestling Entertainment DVD called “Before They Were Superstars”, where various wrestlers go back and visit their old hometowns and talk about how they got into the wrestling business. Since Adam “Edge” Copeland and Jay “Christian” Reso both hailed from Orangeville, their segment shows them visiting some of the biggest locations from my childhood, like Orangeville District Secondary School and the Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre. The coolest part is when they visit the “hallowed circle”, a stairwell at O.D.S.S. where they would practice their wrestling moves. That stairwell also happens to be the same place where I spent much of my high school years working on screenplays on my laptop! So now you know where creative Orangevillian teenagers love to go to hone their craft. Sadly, I cannot find any footage of Edge’s early wrestling career when he went by the name of “Sexton Hardcastle”!

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